Chile’s “karakrud” wins $1,050 Super Tuesday

Tuesday sign

Several Team PokerStars members bought in PokerStars’ $1,050 Super Tuesday, but neither George Danzer, Nacho Barbero nor Jake Cody survived the bubble stage. Chile’s “karakrud” was the chip leader from the very beginning of the final table and never allowed opponents to come within striking distance.

While he did a brilliant job at consolidating his position at the top, “Dhr. Awesome” from the Netherlands who started the final table with the second largest stack didn’t even make the heads-up. At the beginning of this decisive phase of the competition, the first two players had more chips than the other seven combined, but the playing field was levelled out.

Paris Dedes from Greece brought a bit over 300,000 chips to the final table and he made the most of his narrow advantage over the field. He played aggressively and was never in danger of being eliminated, despite the fact that he committed his entire stack several times.

Dedes and “karakrud” marched on and once “Dhr. Awesome” and “Aggro Santos” were eliminated in 4th and 3rd place, the heads-up began with “karakrud” slightly ahead. The Greek fought a good fight but lost a coin flip and had to settle for second place and $75,600.

540 players played for a chance to win the first prize of $102,600 but only 63 made the money. These nine players were the most successful ones and this is their final placement and the prizes they took home when PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday finally ended.

  1. karakrud (Chile) – $102,600
  2. Paris Dedes (Greece) – $75,600
  3. Aggro Santos (United Kingdom) – $55,350
  4. Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) – $42,120
  5. all in 2526 (Israel) – $29,700
  6. Handebraken (Malta) – $22,950
  7. Gasnjep (Netherlands) – $17,550
  8. F P C (Brazil) – $12,150
  9. metallist353 (Russia) – $8,964