Chris Cousins Takes Down GUKPT Brighton

London, UK

The last month in poker has been dominated by the big European tours with the EPT Sanremo, EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final and the WPT World Championship all playing out. Now though it was the turn of a smaller local tour in the UK called the Grosvenor UK & Ireland Poker Tour Brighton which was played out over the weekend.

The event was finished up yesterday after the remaining 14 players came back to the felt on Day 3 in order to play out for the title. That field was quickly shrunk down in size to the final table of nine with the chip stacks shown down below.

Final Table Chip Counts

1st) Joe Greenfield – 700,000

2nd) Chris Cousins – 968,500

3rd) Ben Winsor – 520,500

4th) Hui Jin – 625,000

5th) Lee Taylor – 276,500

6th) Chris Barnes – 133,000

7th) Martin Bader – 246,000

8th) Francois Goulet – 136,500

9th) Ellie Biessek – 104,000

Despite coming into the day 4th in chips Chris Cousins managed to increase his chips to start that final table in 2nd place. His improvement was not to end there either as he actually went on to claim the title after coming from a big chip deficit during heads up against Hui Jin.

He started heads up with just 700k chips whilst his opponent had 2.9 million but within 20 minutes he had not only reduced that deficit but actually won the title. The final hand came when Jin pushed all his chips into the middle when holding the Qh-9h and Cousins called with the Ah-Kh. Amazingly the flop and turn came down as the 7h-5h-4h-3h which meant Cousins could still see the pot split if the 6h landed.

Again, amazingly the remaining card was a heart too but not the 6 that Jin was seeking and the 8h instead.

The remaining three players had already agreed a chop on the prize pool anyway and went home with similar amounts but Cousins secured the extra £500 bringing his total up to £20,300 to go along with the title and bragging rights.

How It Finished

1st) Chris Cousins – £20,300 (d)

2nd) Hui Jin – £19,800 (d)

3rd) Chris Barnes – £19,800 (d)

4th) Ben Winsor – £7,800

5th) Martin Bader – £5,400

6th) Joe Greenfield – £3,900

7th) Francois Goulet – £3,200

8th) Lee Taylor – £2,700

9th) Ellie Biessek – £2,300