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Chris Moneymaker Back to Teaching Poker

Chris MoneymakerOne of the most loved WSOP Main Event Champions Chris Moneymaker is back to teaching poker off the back of what has been a busy time on the poker circuit and in his private life.

Passing on education is something that only a few can do, and Chris has opened up a bit of a wormhole when it comes to those parting with their money in exchange for a poker education. One of the main points made by the WSOP Gold bracelet winner is that there are many people out there teaching poker who probably shouldn’t be teaching the game.

A point well made as there are plenty of people out there who may have been a good player in the past, but nowadays they are not too successful. Poker and its dynamics are always changing with many of the new players these days a lot more aggressive in the way that they play compared to the past.

Recently Chris actually stated that when he played in the WSOP main event, most people played fixed limit poker because this was pretty much all the poker clubs had on offer. That made his strategy to win the WSOP a lot easier to pull off, only betting when the action was check over to him. One of the main reasons he could do this was because check-raising wasn’t really a tool called upon too much and so his aggression helped him build up an unstoppable chip stack that he rode all the way to the finish line.

With the massive changes in the games, some poker teachers are not up to speed and so they are passing on redundant information that could in fact see their students worse off. Additionally, Chris also mentions the fact that there are still many poker coaches out there that don’t make any money at all on the poker tables, so they have no business getting involved in the coaching side of the game.

As for Chris, after he won the WSOP, at a time where he had only been playing the game for a short time, he was asked how he would feel about teaching poker. At the time he didn’t feel that was the right step as he felt he was not qualified to teach the game, despite his success. He was playing poker as much as he could, but wasn’t taking time to work on his game, and this meant a move into the educational side of the game wasn’t something that suited him at the time.

You can find Chris Moneymaker’s blog on PokerStars where he has announced his return to teaching poker as a WPT Boot Camp instructor. He gives a short low down on the knowledge he aims to pass on, as well as how he has been working on his own game to get up to speed with what’s new in the poker world today. Check his full blog post here.

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