Christophe De Meulder Prefers Vegas In Small Doses

rio in las vegas

For the majority of poker players, there is nothing bigger than being able to head over to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker each year, yet for PokerStars Team Pro Christophe De Meulder, he has mixed feelings about the place.

In a recent blog post for PokerStarsBlog he claims that whilst he likes going to the place, there are times when he really would prefer not to be there.

Vegas is a funny place. I always like going, but when you’re there for a while, you’re often glad to be going home, or at least that’s often the case for me. It’s not like normal life. It’s kind of like Disneyland — great fun at first, but if you’re there too long it can wear you down.”

He states that whilst it’s great when you are winning in a city that is so gambling orientated, it can feel good but when you are losing there is not much to do for entertainment.

But on the flip side, when things aren’t going so well and you aren’t cashing or not playing your A-game, you find yourself wanting to look for something else besides poker. That’s when Vegas can be a tough place to be. Sure, there are great shows and lots of things to do, but if you’re someone who’s been to Vegas many times, those have a little less attraction for you.”

De Meulder has already broken up his time in Las Vegas with a trip during the series to New York and has even rented a car so that he can get away whenever he finds time to take a day off from the poker.

You can read the full blog post at PokerStarsBlog where the Belgium player also claims he cannot wait to get home due to Belgium doing so well in the World Cup.