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“Chung Ho” Brings In $428k Playing FLO8 Online

“Chung Ho” Brings In $428k Playing FLO8 Online

“Chung Ho” again carried on with his dominance on the high stakes Omaha Hi/Lo tables at PokerStars yesterday as he banked a massive $428k to bring his profit this year to over $1.25 million. Unlike many other high stakes pros, he sticks to what he does best, playing solely at the Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

“Chung Ho” took down his winnings in two different sessions throughout the day, the first being in the early hours of the morning where he banked $160k, he then played again a little later in the day and added a further $270k in little over 4 hours.

The first session saw his main victim being “FakeLove888”, the second saw him make most of his money from “patpatman”.

It was actually one of the more quiet days at the high stakes tables in recent days, though there was another six figure winner in “VietRussian” who banked a cool $102k whilst plying his trade at the $50/$100 tables. He played roughly 2000 hands, slowly building his profit, there were no real big hands in his action though meaning that he was happy enough to just chip away and gradually increase his total.

In fact his biggest hand of the day was a $35.3k win against “GlassOfBeer” when his full house caught out his opponent who had trips.

There were plenty of hands that were bigger than that one on the high stakes tables yesterday, especially seeing as the nosebleed tables started to see some action later in the day. The $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables saw both “MrSweets28” and “patpatman” enjoying a bit of heads up action.

In fact the day’s biggest hand came from that session, “patpatman” losing out on a pot of $95.4k when his set was beaten by “MrSweets28” and his rivered straight. They also had the second biggest hand of the day, with it this time being “patpatman” winning a good chunk of that money back when he flopped a full house and his opponent tried to bluff making it an easy call to win $83.3k.

Though there were not too many big winners yesterday, there were certainly a few big losers. “FakeLove888”, “Sauce123” and ‘broksi” all dropping more than $100k apiece. “Sauce123” had his worst day in a while, yet will not be too disheartened as he is still the year’s biggest winner so far, though this month he has dropped nearly half a million.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners:

• Chung ho +$428k

• VietRussian +$102k

• 0Human0 +$73k

• GVOZDIKA55 +$78k

Stay in the know with regards to the highstakes game at PokerStars by coming back to read up on our reports. We often let our readers know just who the online movers and shakers are!



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