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Creature of London – Little Monsters | Beach London

Creature of London – Little Monsters

CREATURE OF LONDON – Little Monsters product and party

Design and advertising agency Creature of London wanted us to come up with something really exciting to mark the day most befitting of their name: Halloween! ‘Little Monsters’ was born!

Based on that classic – if a little lazy – Halloween get-up known everywhere as ‘cutting-holes-in-a-bedsheets-to-look-like-a-ghost’, we decided to remove the laziness and commission Malarky, Rob Flowers, Hattie Stewart, Cachete Jack, Tom Newell and Edward Carvalho-Monaghan to create custom bedsheets each with their own creepy Monsters!

As well as creating bespoke bedsheets in a screen-printed box, we hosted a party (on Halloween of course!) to launch the bedsheets – floating mysteriously in the gallery – with goodie bags for kids with treats from kids Mag Anorak and sweets from Fatties Bakery!

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