cunning folk
Cunning Folk – with the Museum of Withcraft and Magic | Beach London
A piece from the Museum's collection
James Jarvis - Stone Circles
Malarko - Poppet
Maria Ines Gul's Dawn Robes
Pete Sharp - Baphomet
L-R - Wilfrid Wood, Charlotte Mei, Rob Flowers, James Jarvis
L-R - Malarko, Alex May Hughes, Adam Higton, Alec Doherty

Cunning Folk – with the Museum of Withcraft and Magic

We are very excited to announce ‘CUNNING FOLK’ – A new exhibition in collaboration with The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall.

Alongside exhibiting antique pieces from the museum’s fantastic, vast collection, we’ve invited a number of artists to create their own versions of pieces from the collection. Many of these will be able to purchase as editions or artworks, and performances will be given with them.

Confirmed artists:

Alex May Hughes // Heresy // Charlotte Mei // James Jarvis // Wilfrid Wood // Rob Flowers // Pete Sharp // Alec Doherty // Adam Higton // Maria Ines Gul

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