Dan Bilzerian in the spotlight once again

Dan Bilzerian

You don’t necessarily need to be passionate about poker or to follow professionals on Facebook and Twitter to find the character Dan Bilzerian intriguing. He is not the best poker player out there, but he is certainly one of the most flamboyant players to have ever graced the felt. Once again, he stepped into the spotlight when he posted a picture of his most recent buy-in, amounting for $5 million.

Bilzerian didn’t tell a great deal about where the action took place and whom his opponent might have been, emphasising the size of the buy-in instead. Apparently his opponent was hell-bent on stripping him of his cash, but he wasn’t particularly successful, at least if we are to believe Dan. He suggests that he was in complete control of the game, but at one point he decided to bluff his opponent and this bold play set him back $3.5 million.



2013 was an exciting year for Dan Bilzerian but even though he stood up from the crowd, he rarely did it for his poker proficiency. On the flip side, he has plenty of money to spin and apparently enjoys the game a lot, so this is unlikely to be the last poker related tweet or Instagram picture he posts this year.