Dan Smith shares his opinions on poker

Man playing poker

Prospective players are tempted to believe everything they see and hear on television, dreaming about how poker will make them rich. While it is perfectly possible to win a lot of money playing your favourite game over the Internet or in live games, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome. Dan Smith is an accomplished poker professional and this makes his insight on this highly competitive game extremely valuable for both new players and seasoned veterans.

Dan highlights the importance of setting reasonable expectations when playing poker, emphasising the importance of accepting occasional setbacks. The game is so competitive these days and the number of opponents who can give you a run for your money is on the rise, that winning all the time is simply impossible. Expecting to win every tournament is only going to lead to frustration, not to mention that it is virtually impossible to hit unreasonably high targets often.

Perfect planning prevents pathetic performance and in this line of work, poker players need to make sure that they are ready for what’s coming their way. Finding your rhythm when participating in major tournaments is just as different online as it is in brick-and-mortar casinos. Dan Smith says that players should do everything they can to make sure they remain within their comfort zone, no matter how crowded the poker hall. Being familiar with the environment and the tournament structure also helps, so those who have been in similar situations before are more likely to succeed.

Downswings are inevitable and those who play long enough will realise that there is an indissoluble link between the number of hands played and the frequency of bad beats. Beginners have a hard time surviving these challenging moments, because they push them on tilt, which causes them to commit even more mistakes. While there is no definitive solution for avoiding tilt, Smith encourages players to learn from their mistakes instead of blaming themselves for the outcome.

It is impossible to play perfect poker all the time and even professionals commit mistakes every now and then, but the best ones learn valuable lessons. Getting too upset over an error is a surefire way of amplifying your losses and what usually happens is that one mistake triggers a new one. Sometimes, losing a single hand will result in poor decisions over a longer period of time and in the worst-case scenario, these mistakes leads to the utter destruction of the bankroll.

Another valuable lesson that those paying attention to what Dan Smith has to say is about finding distractions from poker. Being overly committed to a single action will make it difficult to have a fulfilling life, while downswings are more likely to be regarded as personal tragedies. Poker players, should find a way to diversify their interests, so when the worst case poker scenario becomes a reality, they won’t dwell on the set back too much.