Daniel Alaei outshines Blom at mixed games

mouse and money

Viktor Blom is an all-round poker player, capable and willing to play at nosebleed limits regardless of opponents and games. His attempt at returning to the elite of No-Limit Texas Hold’em proved costly in 2013 and yesterday he suffered another blow when venturing into Mixed Games territory.

Daniel Alaei who uses the nickname of “FakeSky” when playing online, was waiting for opponents and quickly accepted “Isildur1″’s challenge. The two poker professionals sat down at 8-game tables but the confrontation didn’t turn into a marathon. It all ended in less than half an hour and the two pros played only 111 hands, with Alaei winning $111,000.

It wasn’t a disastrous day for the Swede, as he started the day on the right foot by winning almost $70 against $500/$1,000 CAP PLO specialist Bttech86. Blom was on an upswing at the time this confrontation began, as he won $37k in a short but profitable evening session. Despite taking a lengthy night break, he was able to carry that momentum into the next day and came out firing on all cylinders.

Bettech86 lost some massive pots in the first few minutes and he dug himself into a $170k hole before offsetting most of his loses in the last 10 minutes of play. He took a leap of faith by going all in preflop twice but despite the fact that he started as underdog on both occasions he emerged victorious. 37 minutes after play began, Viktor Blom walked away with a $70k profit that was squandered at the 8-game tables.

Unlike Blom who went on to lose all his profits, Bttech86 fought an uphill battle at the same $200/$400 CAP PLO tables. He succeed in winning back all the money he lost in those 37 minutes and it made no difference that the comeback took several hours. At the end of the day, what truly matters is that he joined yurasov1990, JLlama and forhayley as players who finished the day above the profitability line.

Harry Cassagrande, Ola Amundsgard, Benny Spindler and Hac Dang made a significant contribution to his bankroll and made it possible for Bttech86 to finish the day with a $37,000 profit. FakeSky sits at the top of the list as the only player to win a six digit amount, followed closely by these three players:

  1. FakeSky – $111.800
  2. yurasov1990 – $91,000
  3. JLlama – $87.700
  4. Forhayley – $70.400