Daniel Negreanu And His Off-Season Goals

Dwan, Negreanu

Following on from the tweets that he has sent out over the past week, Daniel Negreanu has decided to elaborate a little bit more on the reasons as to why he is trying to improve himself both physically and mentally whilst on his chosen “off season” from poker.

He has put together a blog post for PokerStars Blog that talks us through just why he has decided to take August off from poker after the WSOP.

The summer World Series of Poker grind is always taxing on both the mind and body, so for me, I generally take the month of August off of poker. In fact, since the WSOP I played poker in a fun little house game for charity and that was it… oh and yes I won the tournament and a grand total of $530 woohoo! Other than that, I haven’t played a single hand of poker and I don’t plan to until the 50k buy in at EPT Barcelona.

He understands the importance of keeping in good shape both in the mind and in the body for a poker player. Travelling the world to the biggest poker tournaments can have its toll on players, so staying in peak shape is something that Negreanu has set his sights on. He has given himself three goals to achieve this:

Manage To Do Ten Pull-Ups – He has set this target to be achieved by the end of September, with him setting smaller benchmark goals along the way. He currently stands at three right now, which is well on course for hitting his target.

Improve On A Couple Of Languages – He believes that it is important to try and learn at least the basics of the languages found in foreign countries. He considers it as rude to expect them to understand English when you are in their country. For this reason he wants to polish up on both French and Spanish this time around.

Get Through Five Books Within Three Months – He has always liked to read in the past but has found it difficult to fit within his schedule in recent years. So he has decided to try and get through five books within just three months. He claims he has already knocked one off the list and is currently on the second.

He goes on to explain how he is benefiting from the help of a friend who is also doing something similar. They speak weekly to ensure that they both stay on track with their goals which Negreanu himself admits is a great help.

He finishes off by explaining just why he feels all of this self improvement is essential for him and his poker career.

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling the world to play poker is maintaining a healthy routine. On tournament days it’s tough to get much of anything done away from the table, and jet lag can often play a role in being a bit lazy! Thanks to my PSP and my accountability partner, I’m confident that I’ll be able to stay on track with my personal goals.