Daniel Negreanu Enjoying Life (pics)

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is obviously one of the world’s most recognised poker players, due to a combination of his performances on the felt, his rants off of it, his television appearances and of course his regular twitter postings.

This has all led him to become a massive name on the poker scene, a player that seems so much more accessible than the majority of others.

His latest Tweets have allowed people into his life that little bit more too. He has always been a little bit of a skinny guy but it seems that his latest craving is to change all of that. He has pushed himself harder into working out with his good friend and trainer Tiffany Boydston in an attempt to grow what he calls “some strange new bumps on his arms”.



He then reflects on just how lucky he is in life, being able to practically do anything that he wants. What he wants right now it seems is to be involved in a whole lot of activities from coaching little league to being a good friend.



Negreanu really seems to be in a really good place right now, a place where he feels completely comfortable, a place where he is not only getting physically fit but also mentally. This has all led to what has been a really good 2013 on the poker felt too, so it really must be great to be “KidPoker” right now.