Daniel Negreanu on how perception shapes reality

Daniel Negreanu smiling

Daniel Negreanu knows a great deal about this highly competitive game and most of his thoughts are based on personal experience. When the charismatic poker player posted his opinions on Twitter about how perception shapes reality and how important it is for both professional and aspiring poker players to have confidence, he received mixed reactions. As a result, he found it worthwhile to explain his thoughts on PokerStarsBlog and clarify to the best of his abilities what he actually meant in his following tweet:


In a nutshell, Daniel said that he wins at poker because he believes he can, without claiming that optimism alone is propelling him to success. He emphasised the fact that his conviction that he had a good chance of becoming a professional poker player determined him to walk down this path. Had his lingering doubts got the best of him, Negreanu would have probably pursued another direction in his life and we wouldn’t see him at the tables of the most important poker tournaments worldwide.

To support his idea, he used the example of prominent movie stars, arguing that they were also driven by their confidence in their own ability and untapped potential. Only after the idea of pursuing a career appears, people start channeling all their energy and efforts to make it work and this doesn’t happen unless they truly believe in their abilities to succeed.

In his blog, Daniel also talks about his own challenges and the multiple obstacles that he had to overcome in the initial stages of his career. His first trips to Vegas were rather disappointing and other people in his position might have lost hope, but he was driven by ambition and confidence. Deep down he knew all the time that he was capable of succeeding and that motivated him to work harder and keep trying.

Negreanu also wrote about how fellow poker players who constantly complain about their inability to win or their lingering bad luck allow their thoughts to influence their reality. Those who stay optimistic and see the best things in life are more likely to respond better and overcome any obstacle with ease, therefore enjoy a successful career overall.