Daniel Negreanu showcases his 6 WSOP bracelets (pics)

Daniel Negreanu in WSOPE 2013

The multiple World Series of Poker winner decided that it was time to showcase his bracelets, in a way that is supposed to inspire and motivate amateurs and aspiring poker players. For the time being, he is still trailing Phil Hellmuth who has the most bracelets won in the prestigious competition, but with six of his own, Daniel has plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic.

This is not the first picture of his bracelets that Negreanu shared with his fans and followers, with another picture and a corresponding tweet being posted online just two weeks ago:

Daniel is in pole position for the GPI Player of the Year and although the WPT Montreal could put the race into overdrive, he is favourite to win. His personal assistant Patty Landis urged fans to vote for Negreanu and she was the one to post the recent picture featuring in the background. Seeing some of the best poker players in the world in one frame, behind six shiny World Series of Poker bracelets is quite a sight for regular players who hope to make it that far one day.

Meanwhile, Daniel is focusing on his poker career while waiting for the GPI Player of the Year to be decided. He’s inching closer to making a decision about what car to acquire and apparently he has his sights locked on the 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. The elegant and highly versatile car seems to be meeting his expectations while fulfilling his needs: