Daniel Negreanu’s best 5 poker hands

Daniel Negreanu sketch

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu is one of the most popular of all professionals to have ever graced the live and virtual felt. Famous for his uncanny ability to read hands and for his friendly demeanor, he had his fair share of big pots. In the latest PokerStars video, we get to see Daniel outplaying opponents on 5 occasions, by pulling off remarkable bluffs or by extracting maximum value from big hands.

Playing against the likes of Hellmuth or Brunson doesn’t have a deterring effect on Negreanu, who meticulously builds his hands. Bluffing poker pros on the river looks so easy when Daniel does it, but behind each of these phenomenal moves lie thorough calculations. Opponents frequently find themselves in the ropes and hesitate to call his bluffs, not only because that would make them look bad on TV, but also because a false step would cripple their stacks.

Whether he leads the hand with consecutive bets or comes from behind with a raise on the river, Daniel seems to be always in control. Fans and poker players alike definitely have a thing or two to learn from this video, so do yourself a favour and spare 17 minutes of your time to watch the video below: