Daniel Negreanu’s remarkable story

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It is easy to see only the end result and lose track of everything else, especially when it comes to the volatile world of poker. Daniel Negreanu is not only one the most successful but also the most popular of all poker pros, but few know that he started from scratch and had to claw his way to the top. His parents emigrated from Romania in 1974, seeking a better life aboard and Daniel was born in Toronto, where he lived until he turned 22.

At this point, Negreanu decided to put his luck and poker skills to the test and went to Las Vegas, where he expected to take the poker tables by storm. This first attempt ended badly, as the sharks in Sin City got the best of him and he returned home, to rebuild his bankroll. Daniel recalls the time spent with his family and fondly talks about how his friends loved to visit him and hang around at his house:

“I was brought up in a very liberal family where there was cursing, things like sex were openly talked about and even when we were underage we could have a glass of wine or a beer at dinner. It wasn’t a conservative or uptight place at all, so my friends loved coming over”

The comprehensive interview at iGaming.org describes Negreanu’s meteoric ascension in the world of poker, while presenting readers with the chance to take a glance at his humble beginnings and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that he had to overcome.

As a child, Daniel had high expectations and his ambition kept growing, while failure never seemed to have a devastating effect on him. His supportive parents helped him overcome much of the adversity and his mom chose to move to Las Vegas in the last years of her live to be closer to him. Both of them urged their son to forsake his poker ambitions at an early age and to focus more on honing his skills in school. On the other hand, they supported him in everything he did and that made the difference for Daniel.

Remko Rinkema who interviewed Negreanu found out that Daniel was an unruly kid and the high school principal was at one point considering the possibility of expelling him. Negreanu took full advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by life in Toronto, a true gaming hub where poker and sports betting had plenty of fans. He had plenty of friends growing up and his friendly demeanour explains why he is so popular today among poker players.