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Day 1b Finished At The WinStar World Casino River Poker Series Main Event

Day 1b Finished At The WinStar World Casino River Poker Series Main Event

As the second days play at the WinStar World Casino River Poker Series Main Event finished up we were left with Clint Baker as chip leader. He was holding 556,500 chips which put him about 160k better off than his nearest challenger.

Jeff Gibralter was that nearest challenger with 397,000, whilst Danny Chamberlain held 360k, Mark Eddleman 308k and Andy Hwang built a stack of 287k.

Other more well known players that have navigated their ways into Day 2 are Justin Gardenhire, Heath Hearing, Joe Kuether and a certain Maria Ho.

There was a healthy 418 players who started Day 1b, with a fair selection of them having already played and busted on Day 1a having a second shot at the event. It really is no wonder though; the prize pool guarantee for the event being $2,500.000, an extra $2,100 for a potential slice of the prize pool has to be worth it.

Notable Two Shotters!

Vanessa Selbst, Robert Salaburu, David Baker, Greg Raymer, Harrison Gimbel and AJ Jejelowo all deciding to rebuy back in after being eliminated on Day 1a. They were joined by some well known players entering the tournament for their first shot on Day 1b such as Brett Richey, Layne Flack and John Barch.

Moneymaker Out!

The winner of the 2003 World Series Of Poker Main Event Chris Moneymaker was also playing on Day 1b and had a bit of a topsy turvy day. He didn’t get much action early on, yet found a bit of a flurry of cards later in the day.

However, he was eliminated after he put himself all-in preflop after a raise and a call from his two opponents. The player who made the initial raise folded, but Chris Conrad made the call. Conrad was holding Ac-Qs which were dominating Moneymaker’s Qc-9d.

The community cards came out as Ac-Kc-Th-Qc-2h to give Conrad the pot with his two pair. This was Moneymaker’s first attempt and is more than likely to re-buy into the event on Day 1c. He is expected to be joined by many more players taking either their second or third shots at this event.

Roetker – The Bubble Boy!

Drake Roetker was the player that just missed out on Day 2 by being eliminated one place short. He put all of his short stack into the middle and was quickly called by Mark Eddleman. Roetker would have felt pretty good with his Ad-Jh once he saw the Jd-10h of Eddleman, however the turn brought the one card he feared, the ten and his tournament was over…at least for another day.

42 players have made it from Day 1b to join those from Day 1a into Day 2. However, we still have the last flight from Day 1 to go with Day 1c taking part on Sunday. The final flight is expected to be the busiest of them all.






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