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UKIPT Day 3 – Lighting and Fireworks In London

shutterstock_107733356We’ve all been waiting for the final table and it is not what anyone expected after seeing the top of the chip stacks at the end of Day 2.

Olivier Busquet who was clearly the most experienced and most successful poker player out there finished Day 2 with the third highest chip stack, but as this tournament has had a knack for punishing anyone who dares finish the day in the top half of the leader board he was also punished crashing out in 21st place after a harsh day for the pro.

In fact out of yesterday’s top ten chip leaders only two made it to the final table. Sergio Aido, yesterday’s chip leader is now in fifth position sitting in seat nine and Tom Ward improved on his 490,000 taking his stack up to 2,474,000 and currently he has the second highest stack sitting in seat seven.

On balance, the day was full of twists and turns following in suit with the trend of the last five days of action where we have seen 1,091 players eliminated, leaving us with just eight to battle it out for the first place pay out of £156,800. There are now only four nationalities left to compete with three players representing the UK, one from neighbouring Ireland, two from Belgium and two players from Spain.

It’s difficult to make a prediction as the table is evenly poised with no out and out top pros. Guy Goossens is one to watch out for in the future as he has just had his most successful year in 2012 with $116,581 in tournament earnings. He has been on the European scene for around 2 years now.

Philippe Souki is a well-established UK player known for his win in Paris where he took down a €300 NLHE event earning himself €12,300 and has since cashed in six other UK tournaments, most notably the £700 NLH Main Event in the PKR Live VI, London where he won £22,530.

Wim Neys the chip leader started out in 2011 only cashing $9,175 that year, then in 2012 took away $48,692 in what has been his best year yet. So far this year he has hit the $8,576 mark whilst being seen in the WPTN and FPS where he cashed in both.

Chris Dowling is also back on scene for the first time this year. In 2011 he made several appearances in Ireland and the UK earning himself $101,615, but then in 2012 he only played in one tournament in which he cashed.

In short the table quality is fairly even with no one particularly standing out as the out and out favourite. With this we can be sure you won’t be disappointed with the action coming from this year’s UKIPT final table in London starting at 12.30pm today.

The Final Table – UKIPT London

Seat 1: Guy Goossens of Belgium (6th) 1,250,000

Seat 2: Patrick Simcoe of UK (7th) 1,234,000

Seat 3: Chris Dowling of Ireland (4th) 2,262,000

Seat 4: Wim Neys of Belgium (1st) 3,270,000

Seat 6: Cesar Garcia of Spain (8th) 1,156,000

Seat 7: Tom Ward of the UK (2nd) 2,474,000

Seat 8: Philippe Souki of the UK (3rd) 2,402,000

Seat 9: Sergio Aido of Spain (5th) 1,748,000


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