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Day 7 Finished – A 102 Day Wait For “The October Nine”

Day 7 Finished – A 102 Day Wait For “The October Nine”

The WSOP Main Event has been going on for the last 7 grueling days, however we now know the final nine players who will battle it out on October 29 for the coveted bracelet and a sum of $8.3 million in prize money.

Yesterday we almost had a little bit of history; we were so close to having two females on the final table for the first time ever. However they both fell just short, even if we had just one it would have been the first time since Barbera Enright way back in 1985.

So Close For Baumann

Gaelle Baumann was one place away from making that history; she was busted in tenth place, just one agonizing position away from the final table. She moved all in with Ace – Nine only to be called down by Andras Koroknai, there was no help from the board and she was sent home.

Elisabeth Hill was also a very strong favorite to make that final table, she had a nice stack that was above average, however she experienced a really disastrous level late in the day. Her final hand involved an all in coinflip with her Ace-Queen against that man again, Koraknai and his pocket sevens.

Jesse Sylvia Is The Final Table Chip Leader

Sylvia has managed to build a huge stack of 43.8 million chips in a late run in the tournament, to achieve this he won what has turned out to be probably the most pivotal hands of the tournament so far. He flopped a three of a kind against Scott Abrams who flopped two pair and also a flush draw. Everything went into the middle, with Sylvia’s hand holding up which busted Abrams in the process to give him the lead in the tournament.

Sitting in second place is the Hungarian Koroknai, which means he is the only player on the final table who is non-American. Koroknai is the man responsible for knocking out the remaining two females in the Main Event; he is some way behind Sylvia though with 29 million in chips.

Greg Merson Looking For His Second WSOP Bracelet

Having already won a bracelet in this WSOP he could go on to double that come October and the final table. The American who has recently moved away from America so that he can play online poker, now resides in Toronto, Canada.

He will bring 28 million chips to the final table and will feel he has a good chance of bringing home the win.

Here is how the leader board looks after Day 7:

• Jesse Sylvia With 43,8750,000

• Andras Koroknai With 29,375,000

• Greg Merson With 28,725,000

• Russel Thomas With 24,800,000

• Steven Gee With 16,860,000

• Michael Esposito With 16,260,000

• Robert Salaburu With 15,155,000

• Jacob Balsiger With 13,115,000

• Jeremy Ausmus With 9,805,000

There it is, the October Nine line up, one of these players will become crowned the new 202 World Series Of Poker Main Event Champion and take just over $8 million back home with them.


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