De Meulder Brothers And Their Rake Race (vid)


In a recent blog post over at PokerStarsBlog, Christophe De Meulder talks his recent Supernova Elite challenge against his brother and the chance that both of them had to pick up some extra VPP’s over in Belgium.

It was the Belgium Online Poker Championship Ringgame Cup, a three week challenge that would see the top three who finished with the most VPP’s during that time awarded with a special prize that will take place tonight.

“The BOPC Ringgame-Cup was a neat promotion, kind of a “rake race” that challenged players to see who could accumulate the most VPPs during those three weeks. The top three would then get to participate in that special cash game that is going to be shown on on April 21.”

Though only three players got a spot on the cash game, the other players in the top 100 VPP’s earned would be credited with a share of $10,000.

Despite both brothers finishing in 6th and 7th respectively and missing out on qualifying for a spot directly, they were both offered the chance to compete against each other in a special challenge. The winner would win a seat and the runner up would have the consolation prize of being on the commentary team.

“As you can see, Matthias got completely crushed, haha. Too much pressure, obviously! Maybe I enjoyed myself a little too much there, but really, there’s nothing better than beating your brother. Anyhow, thanks to winning that challenge I’ll be the one playing in the ring game while Matthias will be providing commentary.”

The game will offer a slightly different to normal structure with pre-flop betting being pot limit, whilst it turns to no limit for the remainder of the hand. The stakes will be €2/€4 with each of the winners from the Ringgame Cup having already been given €400 to take part. There will be a total of 150 hands and any profit that players make they will be allowed to keep whilst the big stack at the end will also be awarded an additional €1,000.

The game is set to be shown on live tonight at 9pm CET, so if you have some spare time and fancy some live poker action, that is where to go. See more on this by going to PokerStarsblog.