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“DealMeInFast” scoops $275k On High Stakes At Full Tilt

“DealMeInFast” scoops $275k On High Stakes At Full Tilt

The high stakes action has been purring away quietly in the background over the past few days whilst many of the world’s best players are hitting certain live tournaments across the globe, yet there has still been some who have preferred to stay at home and earn their crust at the online highs takes tables on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

The biggest winner over the past couple of days has been “DealMeInFast” who won $275.7k over at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables on Full Tilt. On the other side of the coin, there was Tom “Durrrr” Dwan who has been struggling again and he ended up dropping $478k.

Dwan had initially started out well yesterday but as things have so often been for him since the re-launch of FTP, things went downhill later in the day. He had built up a decent profit but when he came back after a break he went on a massive 12 hour session that saw him lose around $223k to “DealMeInFirst” and a massive $550k to “Sauce123”

In reality it was Dwan who created the biggest winners, with both of the players he lost to ending up as the biggest winners. “Sauce123” actually lost a lot of what he took from Dwan but still ended up with a profit of $291.4k and “DealMeInFast” added to what he took from the unfortunate “Durrrr” to end up with profits of $275.7k.

“Sauce123” Back Over $4 Million!

The $4 million mark is proving to be the most difficult one for Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky this year, he seems to beat it, fall back behind it and beat it again on a regular basis. However, this time he has put himself just above that marker and he will be hoping he can now pull clear of it.

He is clearly ahead now in the yearly rankings when it comes to profit with him just needing to keep things safe for the next few weeks.

Another winner yesterday was that of “Poker_Kami” who only played for three hours yet managed to scoop a profit of $183.4k for his efforts, which really is not bad going at all. He took most of that from Ben “bttech86” Tollerene he is known as “Ben86” on PokerStars.

The biggest pot we have seen over the past couple of days was a pot of $147.6k that involved both “Durrrr” and “Poker_Kami” with the latter winning out after his two pair was bigger than that of his opponent.

The Biggest Profits!

DealMeInFast – (+$275.7k)

Sauce1234 – (+$219.4k)

1Mastermind – (+$203k)

Poker_KaMI – (+$183.2k)


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