Deeb Does The Deed – Married In Vegas (pics)

wedding car in las vegas

Shaun Deeb has just recently announced that he is no longer an eligible bachelor after successfully tying the knot in Las Vegas and tweeting the news to all of his followers. There really is no other location that is befitting of a poker player to get married, the home of the game itself.

Getting hitched is certainly a good way to deal with boredom due to the lack of poker tournaments at the moment, though we are sure that his reasoning runs far deeper than that.

Take a look at his tweets below:


That tweet then obviously led to a lot of messages of support from his friends and peers on the poker circuit, along with a few jokes too. We have included a few but there are plenty more to be found across Twitter.



Everybody was waiting some pictures of the new Mrs Deeb and were taken aback when the first one that surfaced was of him and his good friend Joseph Cheong dressed as the bride. You have to admit, he does look pretty huh?

The ‘real’ lucky bride was then revealed in a tweet submitted by Deeb, though as he said “he hopes she knows what she has let herself in for”.


We of course would like to offer our congratulations to both Shaun Deeb and his new wife and wish them a long and fruitful future together.