Deeb Gets His Slowroll View Across

Shaun Deeb

You have read our article yesterday in which it was revealed that Mike “The Mouth” Matusow blew up on a television show after being deliberately slowrolled by friend and fellow poker player Shaun Deeb.

Well ever since that video clip was released, it has certainly created plenty of debate at 2+2. There are varieties of opinions on the matter from Deeb being out of line, Matusow overreacting and even that it was a home game setting being produced for television, so it really wasn’t such a big deal.

Shaun Deeb who is actually a moderator at 2+2 eventually came out to put his side across in a post at the site. He admitted that it was pretty poor timing as Matusow had lost $30k the hand before this occurred but then defended his actions by claiming it was a good decision as this was just a fun televised home game and this sort of behaviour was actually encouraged.

“But as anyone can see its a fun homegame **** talking was encourage we were there to have a good time and slowrolling was at the time a good decision.”

“Anyone who thinks mikey was acting doesn’t know him but as you can see the rest of the table thought it was hilarious and that’s the type of table it was. We all had a blast during the trip and I hope to go to more pokernight events”

The debate still raged after the Deeb post and is probably still ongoing right now. Whichever side of the coin that you fall on regarding the incident, you all have to admit that it did make good television!

If you missed it yesterday, check out the video in our story from yesterday.