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Dejan Divkovic Takes Down Τhe ANZPT $114,00 First Prize

thurs2Today, the ANZPT Main Event’s Final Table stacked up for Day 4 of the ANZPT Main event in Perth with the chips flying and some big pots moving around reaching a heads-up match that came down to two visitors.

Dejan Divkovic of Bosnia and Iori Yogo of Japan were the last two battling it out for the $114,000 first prize. Play only lasted half an hour before Dejan Divkovic was announced the winner of what looks like the quickest ANZPT tournament finish ever stopping mid-way through level 21.

The Bosnian had only ever played in two tournaments in Europe prior to the ANZPT, both in 2012. In each one he cashed with one of the tournaments he went deep. It was a €300 No Limit Hold’em tournament in Bulgaria and he took second place and €4,830. It seems his first trip outside of Europe and the step up into the high standards of the ANZPT tournaments was well worth the buy-in

On the other side of the winners battle as day began it was Fragomeni who was first to exit when he pushed with pocket Jacks only to have realised he had run into Evans pocket Aces. The hand almost went into 3 way action, but Wilford thought for a while and then decided to fold his pocket nines face-up.

Next up was another local lad Luke Brabin and he was closely followed by Day 2 chip leader and local boy James Broom who has played some impressive poker with a solid style.

Dale Marsland was unlucky as things didn’t go his way either when he came up against Iori Yogo’s pocket Jacks. Marsland had Ad-Kh giving him 2 over cards and a 36% chance of hitting one of his hole cards on the flop. However, by the turn there was still no A or K insight with 2d-9c-3d-5d on the board, but his outs had rocketed as the 5d turn card gave Marsland a diamond flush draw and an inside straight draw.

At that point only 8 cards were out of the deck with his tournament life holding onto odds of 17 outs versus 27 cards left in the deck still making him the slight underdog with only a 38.6% chance of making one of several possible winning hands. As everyone held their breath the 3h rivered giving Yogo the pot with two-pair jacks and threes, nine high sending Marshland out in third with $41,000.

Final Table Finishers

1st – Dejan Divkovic $114,000 (Bosnia)

2nd – Iori Yogo $72,000 (Japan)

3rd – Dale Marsland $41,000 (Australia)

4th – Philip Gidley-King $32,800 (Australia)

5th – David Evans $27,300 (Australia)

6th – Colin Wilford $23,000 (Australia)

7th – James Broom $18,500 (Australia)

8th – Luke Brabin $14,200 (Australia)

9th – David Fragomeni $10,900 (Australia)




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