Denmark’s “tatue” tops this week’s Sunday Million

sunday million anniversary

Good things come to those who wait… for Sunday. A Danish poker player that goes by the name of “tatue” on PokerStars is the most recent winner and for his performance he took home $181,000. He could have won slightly more if he hadn’t make the final table deal, but even so, he has no reason to regret anything, as he was fighting an uphill battle during the heads up.

Those who expected the threshold of 7000 players to be reached were slightly disappointed, but still 6755 players paid the buy-in for the Sunday Million. Many of the entrants are regulars at this major online poker tournament and it took five hours for the number of remaining players to sink below the 1000 limit. Team PokerStars Pros were still in the race at this point, with Sebastian Ruthenberg leading the pack while Richard Toth and Liv Boeree struggled with lower stacks.

The two of them were eliminated in relatively quick succession; with Ruthenberg surviving for a couple of hours until eventually he exited in the 47th place. He was eliminated by a player who chose the screen name “TMoney0209” and who was briefly the chip leader, collecting $2300 for his effort. As the final table drew near three players stood out from the crowd with tatue, g0epr0 and “G1a1u1s1s” having the deepest stacks. For “G1a1u1s1s” luck ran out at the worst possible time and that was despite bringing more than 10 million chips to the final table as he finished in the seventh place and received almost $30,000.

The former chip leader who caused the elimination of Ruthenberg finished one position above him, but the most impressive surge was made by Netherlands’ “antifulltilt”. This poker player made three handed play and received slightly more than $100,000, while “tatue” and “g0epr0” were left fighting for the big prize. The Norwegian player had two and a half times times more chips than his Danish counterpart and was the main beneficiary of the deal, because in the end “tatue” closed the gap and won the tournament with a pair of aces and a better kicker. Check out the list of nine players who made their final table and their corresponding prizes:

  1. tatue (Denmark) – $181,430
  2. g0epr0 (Norway) – $176,044
  3. antifulltilt (Netherlands) – $108,080
  4. Pelckito (Brazil) – $74,305.00
  5. randomclown4 (Mexico) – $56,742
  6. TMoney0209 (Canada) – $43,232
  7. G1a1u1s1s (Ireland) – $29,722
  8. rmntaw4ever (Canada) – $16,21
  9. slow_gherkin (United Kingdom) -$10,470