Don’t try to do something impossible

The word impossible

As a full time poker pro of eleven years then I can honestly say that there have been numerous times in that period where things haven’t gone too well results wise. I always analyse my play and not my results because it is your short term decisions that affect your long term results. To examine your play means examining your thought processes and if there are existing weaknesses in them.

It is of little use in waiting tens of thousands of hands to find out that you have lost say 3bb/100 hands before you realise that something is wrong. One of the biggest problems that you face as an experienced poker player is to try to not be too aggressive. Over the years then the online poker games have become a lot tougher in which to try and make money at. So much so that you really need to tone down the amount of money that you expect to make when playing online!

In fact these days I set myself a goal of making £10 per hour and playing 20 hours per week. This means that my yearly goal for playing online is only £10,000. When I set myself this rather mundane goal then it helps to keep me in check and it stops me from making the cardinal sin in online poker and that is to be too aggressive. In fact in my opinion, this is the one thing that holds players back and stops them from becoming successful players.

Variance in my opinion is perhaps the biggest obstacle that people have to overcome as poker players. It is the easiest thing in the world to go on a 10,000 hand break even period. During these periods then it is frighteningly easy to either change what it is that you are doing or over press in some way either to create profits or to chase what are entirely normal losses. If you are due for a 10,000 hand break even period then there is nothing that you can do about that.

All you can do as a poker player is to minimise your losses by making correct poker decisions and to maximise your gains accordingly. This is the ultimate goal as a poker player but it is amazing how so many players prevent themselves from becoming successful poker players by simply not being content with normal wins.


Believe it or not but a very strange thing happens when you stop trying to make too much money playing online poker…… you often make more of it. I know this sounds strange but it is true. My better periods in terms of making money seem to come when I almost get into a state of mind where I don’t care. If you can get into this carefree mindset then you are going to be one step ahead of the rest of your competition. Remember that the average online poker session compared to a live session is short and so many of your opponents will be trying to make money in situations that don’t merit it.