Douglas Polk Opens Up To Full Tilt Poker blog

Full Tilt Poker

Just out of the heads-up battle with Sauce1234, Douglas Polk talked to Full Tilt Poker blog about the challenge as well as the future.

“WCGRider” said he was feeling great after the win against “Sauce1234” in the HU challenge and was surprised by the margin of that victory against such a good player.

As far as future challenges is concerned, Polk said that they is probably not going to be a new one for a while, although there is interest from several players and the railbirds are imagining a new one against Ike Haxton.

However, “WCGRider” would want another player against him:

“Other than Ike, there aren’t really many people that have a specific interest in playing HUNL to my knowledge. I would be excited if we could get an Isildur1 challenge @ 300/600 or 400/800, but that just isn’t going to happen. I’ll see what I can come up with.”

Full Tilt blog could not miss the chance to ask Doug about his HUNL rankings:

FTP Blog: We’ve all read your heads-up No Limit Hold’em rankings (with you at the top), but you have said that jungleman12 has given you trouble this year, and he is still beating the games at a decent rate – why do you rank yourself above him?

WCGRider: Dan matches up very well against my style. A lot of HU matches are about styles and certain styles have natural counters to other styles. (for example, guys that never fold beat bluff-aloes, guys that always fold get rundown by POWER poker players, etc.). I think my results, compared to the rest of the list, are substantially better, which is why I put myself at the top.

If you want to read the whole interview click here.