Doyle Brunson Happy To Be Wrong

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson, as we all know is one of the legendary Texas Rounders that were responsible for bringing the game to Vegas for the first time, leading to it becoming the massive industry that it is today. However, for a brief moment Brunson was under the impression that another of them had been lost, with the assumed passing of Bob Brooks leaving just two of the originals remaining.

The two remaining would have been both Doyle Brunson himself and Crandell Addington, though fortunately it was discovered that there are in fact still three of them around for the time being.




All the talk of the Texas rounder’s then starts to trigger memories and gets Brunson looking around the web for stories on how poker first begun in Texas and the part that he and his fellow Texas rounder’s had in doing just that.



It is important for all of us to remember how poker came to be, what it was before the birth of the internet and the people who were behind bringing it right into the mainstream. Doyle Brunson has seen poker come from dusty salons to the huge casinos that are around today.