Doyle Brunson locks his keys inside new van

Doyle Brunson in blue shirt

After the World Series of Poker came to an end, Doyle Brunson chose to take a break and drove to Montana in his brand-new van. It comes as no surprise that for a poker professional used to the fast-paced action of Las Vegas, chilling out in Montana eventually got boring. Doyle was counting on the arrival of Todd and Anjela to break out the monotony.


Just when he thought that his Montana getaway will turn into an uneventful vacation, Doyle locked his keys inside the van. Normally, time wouldn’t have been of the essence, but he also had some ice cream in the back seat, so the Texas Dolly was facing a predicament:


While waiting for the guys at AAA to come to the rescue, the poker player couldn’t help but think about the fate of the newly acquired ice cream. As always, Twitter proved to be a useful ally as the poker community was prompt in responding to Doyle’s cry for help. Among the messages posted by fellow players in response to his tweet, the one of Liv Boeree was the most promising, especially with the charming player basing her recommendation on personal experience.


On the other hand, not all of those who responded to Doyle’s tweet were concerned with what might happen with the ice cream. David Peat took advantage of the opportunity to remind the veteran player about the importance of keeping a diet and it took Brunson just a couple of minutes to respond in the funny manner that made him so popular worldwide.


All is well that ends well and with the AAA guys right on time, the van was unlocked and the ice cream saved, much to Doyle’s relief!