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Doyle Brunson Passes Up on this Year’s WSOP

absent bannerAfter one of the most successful careers in poker especially in the WSOP, Doyle Brunson has decided it is time to duck out of future World Series Of Poker Events and let the younger generation take control.

Doyle has won ten WSOP bracelets in his time, but his recent announcement on Twitter counts him out of any future challenges in WSOP tournaments, due to the long hours involved in tournament play.

His last cash in a WSOP tournament came back in 2009 playing in the London Europe event where he won £31,198 and at the same time came runner up in the Caesars Cup event representing Team USA. Doyle’s last cash in a Las Vegas WSOP event came in the 40th WSOP where he came 7th in the $10,000 World Championship of Seven Card Stud, taking home $62,234 and before that in the $10,000 World Championship Mixed Events 8 Game where he came 15th to win $21,536.

Brunson has been playing fewer tournaments over the past few years due to the time it takes to sit and concentrate on at least getting to a cash position, in view of getting a return on his buy-ins. However, with the size of the fields these days, the time factor involved has begun to take its toll. However, Doyle is not out of poker all together, and we can still expect to see him at the WSOP, but on the cash tables. He is a well-known Las Vegas high stakes cash shark and with the option of staying or leaving, this kind of game suits Doyle much better.

It is still a shame that we won’t be seeing him televised at the WSOP events this year or any time in the next future, due to Doyle most likely being out of the WSOP for the remainder of his poker career. Even so, we can only thank him for this poker prowess over the years and the massive education he has provided many players watching the master of the WSOP tournament scene. He is also a pioneer of the WSOP event being around since the beginning in 1970, when the first WSOP game was cash game played at the Binnion Horse Shoe Casino in Las Vegas. From there Doyle has been involved in every WSOP event taking him back 43 years into the history poker and the WSOP in which he had most impressive back-to-back WSOP main event victories that will never be forgotten.

Not only that, back in the day Doyle was far ahead in bracelets than the likes of Ivey, Chan and Hellmuth, but because of his achievements he added incentive and excitement to the world of poker encouraging a battle amongst himself Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth. All three battled it out at the top for years trying to claim themselves their position as the player to have won the most bracelets ever.

Doyle will be sorely missed on the WSOP tournament tables; nonetheless he will still be seen in the action on the cash tables at least, so Doyle’s poker career is all but over, as long as there are high stake cash games wandering the poker rooms of Las Vegas.


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