Doyle Brunson Victim of Identity Theft

Doyle Brunson

Many poker players’ dream is to be Doyle Brunson. It appears that someone in the US has taken that concept to a new level by stealing the 10 time World Series Champion’s identity.

Doyle became suspicious when he began receiving letters from banks and financial institutions at his Las Vegas home. After some digging, the poker legend discovered he was the victim of identity theft.

Part of Brunson’s plan to derail the thief included hitting twitter:


Considering Brunson’s fame, in both the poker world and in the mainstream, and the open investigation, the thief’s run at using Brunson’s identity will probably be short lived. Brunson Twitter followers, who number over 400,000, were quick to chime in.


When twitter followers jokingly asked for more info, @TexDolly good-naturedly replied.


And just in case anyone was tempted to try to be Brunson for a minute, Visa cards have 16 numbers not 14 (and they don’t start with a 6)