Doyle Brunson Wants R&R And Gets The Opposite

Doyle Brunson in blue shirt

Whilst just last week we saw how Liv Boeree enjoyed the time of her life during a well deserved break from the poker scene, Doyle Brunson will wish he would have stayed at home after a flight to forget.

Just when you think that poker playing legends lives are what dreams are made of, we are sometimes reminded that they are simply normal people that experience many of the same day to day issues of most of us.

He was flying out to Montana to get a bit of rest and recuperation after another long and tough poker calendar especially the World Series of Poker and was obviously extremely looking forward to it.


However, a mix up at the airport meant that his airline had managed to bring along the wrong plane, meaning a long wait and an even longer walk.





After the long wait he finally managed to get on the plane and would have felt that his day was about to get better, yet unfortunately for him that was not going to happen. His plane was roasting hot and to make matters even worse he was wedged between two rather large women on the plane.




All we can say is that every cloud has a silver lining and that we are sure that once he has landed things will go better and he will get that relaxation that he craves. We will certainly be awaiting his tweets of pure bliss…hopefully!