Drawing Dead – The Highs And Lows Of Online Poker (vid)

High Or Low Road Directions

Online poker has its fair share of supporters and detractors, both groups being equally vocal and having plenty of arguments to support their theory. Now that it is illegal to play poker over the Internet in the United States, players have found alternative ways of enjoying their favourite game. The core question is yet to be answered, but the documentary “Drawing Dead – The Highs And Lows Of Online Poker” tries to answer it by offering an unbiased view of this immensely popular game.

Several months in the making, it is scheduled to air this October and it will be broadcasted by DirecTV, much to the delight of those who anxiously waited for its release. It comes as no surprise that the movie revolves around the sensitive issues of online poker and it narrates two entirely different stories. The goal is to highlight the advantages and shortcomings of the game in general and Internet poker in particular.

On one hand, we have the story of Michael Korpi Jr who saw all his life’s work going down the drain after he allowed addiction to take over. Once a promising musician and athlete, he grew increasingly fond of poker and one step at the time he dug himself into a deep hole. The unassuming start and the manner in which he turned from a casual poker player into an addict are supposed to serve as a cautionary tale for other poker enthusiasts and allow them to learn from Korpi’s mistakes.

Drawing Dead – The Highs And Lows Of Online Poker is by no means a documentary trying to demonise the game and producers made sure they present both sides of the story. Dusty Schmidt is a professional poker player who made millions over the Internet using the nickname Leatherass and he explains how he made it this far in the highly competitive niche. He serves as a source of inspiration for other poker players who will enjoy hearing him narrate his story in this documentary.

Mike Weeks claims that his intention was to provide both existing and prospective poker players with a glimpse at what this industry is all about. The documentary is supposed to prove that there is more than meets the eye about poker players and to emphasise the fact that people shouldn’t trust advertisements blindly and exercise caution when playing poker.