“dreammancy” Wins the first July Sunday Million Title

Sunday Million Anniversary

There were 6,247 in this weekend’s PokerStars Sunday Million pulling in a massive prize pool of $1,249,400, which was spread over 900 spots. Towards the end of the tournament it was “dreammancy” and “akport” both dominating and agreeing on a deal which meant that after taking down the Sunday Million title, “dreammancy” won $181.207.36, which was an amazing win because the deal meant there was $20,000 left over to play for and “dreammancy” snapped it up on the last hand.

By the time the last hand had arrived “dreammancy” was clearly in front with 53,977,827 million chips while “akport” was floating on the 7,971,793 mark, giving him just over 12 big blinds left in the tournament with the blinds by now at a monstrous 300,000/600,000 and 60,000 chips on the ante.  “akport” then shoved all his chips from the button and his pre-flop all-in was snap-called by “dreammancy” holding the Kd-Qs, which gave him the percent advantage  over “akport’s” Qc-9h hand, that was dominated by “dreammancy’s” bigger Qs kicker.

Once both players had their cards showing, the board was actually pretty non-eventful missing both of them through the flop, turn and river, but that meant that “dreammancy’s” high card Qs kicker would be the deciding difference between the two players final 5-card hands. 10d-3s-6h came on the flop, giving neither player much in terms of extra outs with “dreammancy” quite happy about the flop. The turn blanked with 2s and so the only card that could save “akport” was any of the 3 nines left in the pack giving him a lowly 10% chance of winning the hand. In the end, the river burst out onto the board, but it was just a 5h, and so the remaining $20,000 went to Cyprus rather than Russia.

On the way to the title it took some doing after “dreammancy” and “madd2cz” has some dispute over the amount of money that should have been split in a 3 way deal. At that point “madd2cz” was out in front and wanted at least $170,000 guaranteed, but “dreammancy” disagreed and so play continued and before long they were both in a raising war.

“madd2cz” pre-flop raised to a million and “dreammancy” went over the top to 2.5 million to which “madd2cz” then pushed all his chips. “dreammancy” called with Ac-Ts and saw that “madd2cz” was holding 7d-7s. The board then floated out Ad-Ks-2S and then the 5s came out on the river giving “madd2cz” a flush draw, but the river cards was a 3h and “madd2cz” was out.

What a great way to win a tournament after not allowing the other player into the deal “dreammancy” took him out and hence he got himself a huge windfall win.

Sunday Million Final Table Results

1st – “dreammancy” from Cyprus – $181.207.36 (Split Deal)

2nd – “akport” from Russia – $149.387.75 (Split Deal)

3rd – “madd2cz” from Czech Republic – $99,952.00

4th – “magocapia27” from Argentina – $68,717.00

5th – “dupitoxx” from Portugal – $52,474.80

6th – “clusterhache” from Brazil – $39,098.80

7th – “blazeandwin” from Finland – $27,486.80

8th – “tight victor” from the UK – $14,992.80

9th – “litofcas11” from Lithuania – $9,682.85