Drugs Allegedly Found In Strassmann’s Body

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Not too long ago the poker world mourned the death of the highly successful high stakes player Johannes Strassmann, whom after being missing in Slovenia for a week was found dead at a river bank on the river Ljubljana River.

In a latest update on the story, German newspaper Bild.de reported that Strassmann may have used hallucinogenic drugs as found in toxicology reports.

The story claims that Strassman most likely fell into the river on the 21st of June and drowned whilst under the effects of the drug. Whilst the police have yet to officially name the drug, the story in the Bild claims that eyewitnesses  saw Strassmann and the three other men he was out with had consumed magic mushrooms.

One of those witnesses claims that one of the men that Strassmann was with was a well known drug dealer in the area and that at about 10pm Strassmann ran away from the pub that they were in and even left his mobile phone behind.

It was just a few hours after that, that Strassmann was officially reported missing to police who then underwent a week long search for the player. This search involved trained search dogs, helicopters and a large number of police. It was one week later when he body was found at a bank of the  Ljubljana River.

The news was a sad one for the poker community who now just wanted to know just what might have happened to the player which lead up to this tragedy.