“DrUPSWING” and Peter Jetten on Top in Sunday Tourneys

Money dollars

This past Sunday was a time of celebration for PokerStars as it reached its 8th anniversary of being in operation. In addition to the standard slate of tournaments, the Sunday Million got a big boost – a guarantee of $8 million, one of the largest ever. Obviously, this meant that players came out of the woodwork to compete. By the time all was said and done, 46,586 players had entered and it would take 15 hours for the tournament to reach a conclusion.

The final table was set shortly after the total time had eclipsed 13 hours. From that point, the action sped up, even though millions were literally on the line. It looked as though “hdjgkfkgsdl” might be able to cruise to victory, eliminating three in a row to go from a short stack to one of the leaders at the table. However, the expert play by “DrUPSWING” would give him a commanding 5.5:1 chip lead when they reached heads up. A deal was orchestrated and “DrUPSWING” took home the bigger piece of the pie when the final hand was dealt.

Sunday Million Results (2/3/2014)

1st – DrUPSWING – $1,038,540.31
2nd – hdjgkfkgsdl – $877,090.19
3rd – cynfarAA – $554,373.40
4th – MRJ1111 – $374,458.26
5th – Kukoc69 – $283,522.39
6th – temp0r2k – $221,749.36
7th – pinkfinger – $172,647.71
8th – Uninc257 – $137,242.35
9th – pads1161 – $110,874.68

The Sunday Million wasn’t the only tournament to have big numbers due to the 8th anniversary celebration. The Sunday Warm-Up also generated a considerable field of 4,183. The final table saw a familiar face in the form of professional player Peter Jetten, who had built up an impressive stack of 10.2 million. Jetten’s stack would wobble only slightly as played moved towards the heads up stage.

Facing “valkyri3,” a strong opponent responsible for several of the final table eliminations, Jetten decided to be prudent and opt for a deal. The two players talked on the telephone and settled on a nearly even split with $10,000 still on the table for the eventual winner. After a fight back and forth, Jetten’s AsKc was able to hold up against Ad9d to claim the title.

Sunday Warm-Up Results (3/2/2014)

1st – valkyri3 – $117,654.34
2nd – Peter “Apathy123″ Jetten – $111,057.06
3rd – po82m – $69,019.50
4th – Danya Kop – $47,267.90
5th – caaaaamel – $35,555.50
6th – RichieRichZH – $27,189.50
7th – Nick “FU_15″ Maimone – $18,823.50
8th – iamtheboss12 – $10,457.50
9th – cocojamb0 – $6,692.80