Duhamel Discusses Busy Summer Schedule

Jonathan duhamel playing live

The majority of us will often imagine that the life of a professional poker player who is at the very top of the game is something of pure glitz, glamour and the chance to see the world. However, many of us do not realise just how hard it must be to try and keep up with the hectic poker schedules, live out of a suitcase and be on the go for most of the year.

That was certainly the case for Jonathan Duhamel this summer as he flew back and forwards from the other side of the world during the World Series Of Poker.

In a blog he did for PokerStarsblog.com, he said:

The beginning of the summer was incredibly busy. I went to Vegas at the start of the World Series of Poker to drop off my luggage, my golf clubs, and my other stuff. I played four events, and I cashed one just before leaving for the GuangDong Ltd. Asia Millions in Macau.

It’s definitely not easy to fly for 12 or 14 hours into a place like that for just a few days, then turn around and fly 12 or 14 hours somewhere else.

You can see from the following tweets just how hectic it must have been for him, playing in Las Vegas one day and then heading to Macau.


The Main Event started well for him in the GDAM on Day 1 as he finished right at the top of the chip counts. At this point it must have seemed like a good idea to fly to the other side of the planet to play in a $1 million buy-in tournament.

The very next day didn’t go to plan though as he was busted out of the event and already looking to get ready to fly back to Vegas straight away.



Duhamel then went on to explain in the blog that he wished he had more time in particular cities around the world to actually have a chance to take a look around. His schedule is so busy on the poker calendar that he often has to leave one event straight away to make it in time for another in another country.

I’d love to have explored Macau and Hong Kong a little bit. The previous time I was in Macau, I was only there for a day-and-a-half to meet some PokerStars freeroll winners. It seems like a shame to travel to such an exotic place and not really see much of it.

The same thing happened when I went to Australia for WSOP APAC a few months ago. I came back home right after APAC was over because I just wanted to be home. I didn’t take any time to visit Australia.

Though he didn’t have time to take in much of Macau, he was full of praise for the new PokerStars City Of Dreams Casino.

The GDAM event was my second-ever trip to Macau. Unfortunately I absolutely didn’t get a chance to see anything outside of City of Dreams. Ordinarily that would be disappointing, but City of Dreams is amazing. It’s a big, convenient casino with so many good restaurants all around. During the dinner break we went to some awesome Japanese place in the casino.

And of course the poker room is top-notch. It’s really big and much, much better than the other room that PokerStars used to have in Macau. It’s a place that PokerStars can host big, marquee events, that a place that every poker player will enjoy.

Perhaps now he is earning a well deserved break, before the big tours get back up and running, we certainly hope so!