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“durrrr” Still Going Strong – Another $342k Banked

shutterstock_120456247When he is on fire, there isn’t anybody that can stop him. Tom “durrrr” Dwan had a massive month in February, claiming almost $3 million profits and in just the first few days of March he has already accumulated another $600k after securing more profits throughout the last couple of days of $342k.

He again took his wins at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables where he has been enjoying so much success of late, with his first opponent being “trex313” at the $150/$300 stakes. In a short session of not much more than an hour he took $100k from his opponent before taking a break from the tables.

When he came back he initially suffered a small setback after losing around $20k at the Pot Limit Omaha tables before moving across to the 8-Game tables to play against the likes of “patpatpanda”, “PostFlopAction”, and his colleague “Gus Hansen”. During this spell he didn’t really make any head way and dropped another $40k before again taking a little break from the tables.

It was when he next came back that he shifted into gear, with him going back to the very same table to earn most of his day’s profits. He also simultaneously sat at a No Limit Holdem table for some heads up action against “Sanlker” in which he added another $100k.

That heads up session is what brought the largest pots during this period, with Dwan actually losing $192.5k in one when he pushed all-in with top pair only to see that his opponent had flopped a straight.

He made amends with another big pot though, this time winning $177.4k after cracking his opponents pocket aces with a flush and then a straight when it was run twice.

Another winner on Full Tilt Poker was “PostFlopAction” who has had an excellent year so far, so much so that he tops the overall profit rankings for the year. He added another $171.4k from those 8-Game sessions.

The big loser over this period was “Gus Hansen” who continues his struggling year so far with another $344k dropped. This loss puts him down almost $4 million at the site since its re-launch, though he continues to battle his way through this downswing.

“cottonseed1” was the man that inflicted most of these losses on Hansen, with the two locking horns on the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables. The $151.7k he won made him this periods third highest profit earner.

The Largest Profits

durrrr – ($342k)

PostFlopAction – ($171.4k)

cottonseed1 – ($151.7k)

allah312 – ($125.8k)


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