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“duubadaaba” Scores $99k On A Quiet High Stakes Day

shutterstock_131009354Well, things are still very quiet on the online high stakes scene, with the players obviously spending time with their families for the upcoming Easter holidays. The action this time was coming from PokerStars, and not Full Tilt Poker.

The player that scored the most cash during this period was “duubadaaba” after he locked down $99.5k after sessions at the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables. His biggest victim was “RealAndyBeal”, which is whom he took half of his profits from.

Despite that being the biggest session, the largest pot was found elsewhere. It was a $51.7k pot that was won by “Trueteller” after he flopped trip aces with his pocket rockets and then saw them turn into a full house on the turn. His opponent “ragen70” has no idea he is drawing dead against his slow playing opponent and makes a flush on the river and believes the hand is his, yet it wasn’t.

That hand was played out during a session in which we saw “Trueteller”, “gomir”, “forhayley”, “ragen70” and “fish2013” playing at the $200/$400 No Limit Holdem tables.

Despite losing that pot, “Trueteller” actually finished up as one of the periods biggest winners after pocketing $51.3k. He was beaten ever so slightly in this periods profit stakes by “guts=glury” after he banked $52.7k after some good sessions at the $50/$100 No Limit Holdem tables.

The only action that occurred over at Full Tilt Poker involved “davin77” after he claimed a profit of $38.2k at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables when playing against “Flat_Eric”. They played around 400 hands at the $300/$600 stakes tables, with that action being just about it for Full Tilt during this period.

“Jeans89” was the last player to make it into the top earners after he took home a decent score of $49.6k back over at PokerStars. He is on quite a nice little run now and will be pleased that he is steadily chipping up over time, though we are sure he would ideally have loved to bank some more.

The Highest Earners!

duubadaaba – (+$99.5k)

guts=glury – (+$52.7k)

Trueteller – (+$51.3k)

Jeans89 – (+$49.6k)

We live in hope that the action finally picks up with regards to the high stakes action, though with us inching ever closer to Easter, we do not hold too many expectations. However, check with us tomorrow and we will let you know whether there has been any kind of improvement.


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