Dwan, Sulsky and Hansen Join Multi-Accounting Debate


Over the past couple of days there has been a rather interesting debate going on over at the 2+2 forums regarding well known multi-accounting players that have been using the method to have an edge over their opponents at the online high stakes tables.

The thread discusses the players that are strongly suspected of having multiple accounts and sharing them amongst themselves, whilst it also has input from many of the world’s most well known high stakes grinders.

Tom “durrr” Dwan is quoted as saying that although player’s having multiple accounts is wrong; it is more of a flawed rule rather than cheating. Others had a different view though such as Gus Hansen and Ben Sulsky who were quick to completely condemn this kind of angle shooting at the tables.

What Is Multi-Accounting?

Many of the comments found on the thread, point to the advantage that a player who has created another new account would have against others at the tables. Players who are regular high stakes grinders will have experience playing against particular names at the tables and will have a lot of information on the way that they play, so when a new account comes along they now have no information whilst the multi-accounting player has loads of it on them.

Simply put, if a very good player was able to have access to new accounts, they could play in such a way that would attract the high stakes pros before reverting to their usual playing style to catch them out and take down some big scores.

The more serious form of multi-accounting is when a player or players are playing soft against each other on the same table whilst sharing their hole cards. They would work as a team to win the money from their opponents whilst not ‘soft’ playing in hands where they are against each other.

So Who Are The Suspects?

There were many names mentioned throughout the thread but the main suspects are that of Jared Bleznik and his friend Harry Kaczka. They are both believed to be behind the screen names of “longerpig”, “gozoboro” and “harrington25”, whilst other names that were mentioned that were suspected of multi-accounting included Hac Dang.

Not everybody on the thread thought it was outright cheating but more of angle shooting and that good players should be able to adapt to whoever they are playing against.

That strain of thought was lambasted by many who just wanted a level playing ground to enjoy their poker. They also called on the sites to try and do more about it by bringing in additional measures. Such measures included every player being anonymous at the tables or having to change their own screen names after a certain amount of playing time.

It is difficult to prove whether anyone is multi-accounting but it is almost certain that it is prevalent at the high stakes level.