“Ekziter” wins his second PokerStars Super Tuesday event

Stacks of dollars

“Ekziter” from Belarus is one of the few PokerStars players to win the Super Tuesday event twice, and for his achievement he took home a nice paycheque of more than $100,000. 531 players bought in to take the prize pool to $531,000 yet only 63 of them made the money and among them a couple of poker professionals. Jake Cody was the best placed Team PokerStars Pro, but he suffered a disheartening defeat when he lost with a set of 4s against an opponent who also improved his pocket-rockets to a set.

He didn’t seem too concerned or upset about this defeat as he is just thrilled to be back home in Leeds, looking forward for the UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event which starts on Thursday:


“Ekziter” made the final table with the third larger stack, but the chip leader had almost twice as many chips and “MORTIIIIIIII” from Sweden also had more than 500,000 chips as compared to “Ekziter”’s 300k.  fuddebuf from Denmark was the one who eliminated Jake Cody a few hours before, but he didn’t last long at the final table and finished in the ninth place to collect $8,800.

When five players were left in the race, “Ekziter” doubled up at the expense of “MORTIIIIIIII”, while Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez from Uruguay eliminated his countryman “elmelogno4”. No deal was reached during three-handed play and by the time heads-up began, “Ekziter” had four times as many chips than his opponent and no intention of splitting the money.

It didn’t take long for the two players to go all in and even though Benitez was fairly confident in his chances to win with two pairs, he didn’t stand a chance against ekziter’s flush. The player from Belarus has entered the select club of PokerStars players who won two prestigious weekly tournaments, but the other 8 players who made the final table also collected decent paycheques.

Check them out below:

  1. Ekziter - $100,890
  2. Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez – $74,340
  3. Graftekkel – $54,427
  4. elmelogno4 – $41,418
  5. MORTIIIIIIII – $29,205
  6. Bruno chato – $22,567
  7. PKRisMYstar – $17,257
  8. Andre_Hansen – $11,947
  9. fuddebuf – $8,814.60