Elias Ships WPT Borgata Poker Open Title

Stack of chips

The World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open was completed just a few hours ago after the final table of six battled it until a winner was revealed. Those six players had already negotiated themselves through an original field of 1,226 and would now be looking to score the $843,744 that was on offer for the winner.

The player that secured that win was Darren Elias who managed to make it third time lucky having already previously making two other WPT final tables without winning a title. He claimed the first place payout of $843,744 after clawing back a 2-1 deficit when heads up to Kane Kalas and eventually going on to win.

The day began in frantic fashion and after just five hands we already had the first two eliminations from the final six. The first player to fall was Ray Qartomy who pushed all-in with the Ad-Js and instantly got a call from Kalas with the Ac-As that held sufficiently.

Kalas was responsible for the next elimination just one hand later when he found another pair of aces. Blake Bohn had found the Qh-Qs and after a series of raises both players were all-in and again the pocket aces held to see Bohn eliminated.

The game slowed down after that elimination and it was actually around 40 hands later that we saw the third elimination. Kalas again was the man responsible as Aaron Overton pushed all-in with the Ac-2h only to get called with the Js-Jc of Kalas. The flop came down as the Ah-6s-2d but to show just how well Kalas had been running the turn and river fell as the 7s and Jh respectively.

The very next hand saw the fourth elimination and that man Kalas was once again the one to claim the scalp. He held the 7d-7s and called an all-in from Jose Serratos who had the Kh-9h with his hand yet again holding to send him through to heads up.

As mentioned before, Kalas had a 2-1 chip advantage going into heads up, which is to be expected after eliminating everybody else at the final table thus far. However, he was not going to make it a clean sweep of eliminations as his opponent in Elias had other ideas.

The heads up session lasted 42 hands with Elias managing to claw back that chip deficit and actually move in front before the event came to an end. The chips all went into the middle on the turn of 10s-7h-4c-Kd with Kalas holding the As-Kh and Elias the Ks-4h.Elias had the better hand and it held when the river fell as the 3s.

How It Finished

1st) Darren Elias – $843,744

2nd) Kane Kalas – $500,364

3rd) Jose Serratos – $308,067

4th) Aaron Overton – $259,012

5th) Blake Bohn – $213,999

6th) Ray Qartomy – $174,637