“ElkY” embarks on awesome Asian trip


Bertrand Grospellier is famous for his performance at the poker table, but there are many who remember the time when he was an accomplished StarCraft player. Back in the day, he spent a lot of time in Korea competing among the very best players in the world and it seems like Asia in general and this country in particular made a powerful impression on him. As soon as the World Series of Poker ended, “ElkY” embarked on a lengthy Asian trip that began with Singapore.


After witnessing the rehearsal for the national day and celebrated his anniversary there the Frenchman left Singapore and flew to Tokyo where he indulged in the local cuisine, tasting the world famous Jiro sushi. Bertrand had only kind words for the nice variety of fish served in the high-end restaurants and enjoyed some of the best sushi money can buy. The only somewhat unpleasant surprise was that these exclusive restaurants have a no perfume rule for their guests.



The Asian trip continued with Vietnam and Grospellier didn’t forget to thank his friends on Twitter for recommending him the best places to stay and fun activities. Not surprising, for the poker player who spends long hours in front of the computer competing at high-stakes or entering prominent live events, spending time at a luxurious spa was the highlight of the vacation.

No trip to Asia would be complete without a visit to Seoul, a city that brings back so many pleasant memories for “ElkY”. Eating massive plates of Korean food and meeting some old friends would be reason enough to include this booming Asian country on his list. Jenny No shared a juicy little nugget on Twitter depicting an event that took place at the airport, minutes after his plane landed.