ElkY Heading Out For The Macau ACOP

Macau in the night

The PokerStars Asia Championship of Poker is now underway in Macau with its schedule of 14 events at the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams with today seeing the first of those events kick-off. The festival will run until the 9th of November and will offer players a number of chances at winning some big cash payouts.

Many big names are expected to turn out as usual and one in particular is again looking forward to get to Macau. PokerStars Team Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier has been out to this event regularly since its conception in 2007 and has already landed in Hong Kong.

Grospellier has spent a lot of time across Asia in his lifetime and not only because of poker. He used to live there whilst playing video games professionally and is actually quite famous over there for it.

He answered ten questions for a new article over on PokerStarsBlog written by the staff at the PokerStars LIVE in Macau. He is asked questions such as how many events he plans to play, whether he feels there is a difference between Asian players and those regularly found on the EPT and what the craziest thing he has seen in Macau is.

For the question regarding the difference between Asian players to those on the European Poker Tour he said:

“Macau is opening up a lot and many players now travel from abroad as poker gets more popular there. However I think the Asian players are never afraid to gamble!”

He was also asked which place he was going to eat at first and as Grospellier has spent a lot of time in Asia throughout his life he found it difficult to answer when he said:

“Oh man it’s tough. I really love Jade Dragon in the City of Dreams and it’s perfectly located as soon as you arrive. But Bryan (Huang) also promised to take us out to some insider places, so let’s see if he keeps his word.”

He was then quizzed about his gaming fans and whether or not he still plays any video games when he takes a break from poker:

“I’m playing a little bit of DOTA2, HearthStone, and of course some StarCraft2 now and then.”

As for the remaining answers, you will have to go and read the full article as there are too many to share here. As you know with ‘ElkY” he always gives honest and interesting answer to anything posed at him, so it is well worth the read.