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EPT Player Of The Year – Pobal Still Out In Front

EPT Player Of The Year – Pobal Still Out In Front

The Belarusian poker professional Mikalai Pobal is still at the top of the pack regarding the chase for the European Poker Tour Player Of The Year award, yet the EPT Barcelona winner will know there is still plenty of time for his opponents to catch him up.

With just two events gone in the EPT so far, Pobal is sitting pretty at the top but is being chased down by a host of big names. The sheer size of the event in Barcelona gave Pobal a huge points score due to the 1,082 players he had to beat to win the title, that gave him 1,300 points to start off the POTY with a bang whilst he also added to his tally with a 10th place finish at the EPT San Remo to the tune of 120.

Sahamies And Lacay Hot On His Tail!

Ilari Sahamies is currently running in second place after finishing as runner up to Pobal in Barcelona, Sahamies is sure to prove to be a big threat in the coming months. Another will surely be the winner of the EPT San Remo Ludovic Lacay who is currently sitting in third place in the race for the EPT Player Of The Year.

There are of course other awards to be won, which we will run through here:

High Roller Player Of The Year!

This is a brand new award for this year, with it expected to be one of the more closely contested. The player who currently leads this particular race is Joel Nordkvist after putting in two excellent performances at the high roller events in San Remo. He came third in the €10k which gave him 300 points and a fourth place in the IPT High Roller for a reward of 280 points.

Omaha Player Of The Year!

The leader in this category is Miltiadis Kyriakides who is closely followed by Rumen Nanev in second place. There is some strong up and coming competition though in the shape of both Chris Sly and the ever aggressive Phillipe Boucher.

Heads Up Player Of The Year!

The top three consists of Jorma Nuutinen, Martin Finger and the ever talkative Terje Augdal, however Roger Hairabedian is right behind them now after winning the EPS San Remo Heads Up event.

Online Qualifier Of The Year!

EPT San Remo Main Event runner up Jason Lavelle heads this category after dislodging Anaras Alekberovas from that number one spot.

Best Country!

There is a new leader in town after Germany moved up to the top spot after relegating Romania into second place due to excellent performances at the EPT San Remo by players such as Sinel Anton.



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