EPT Barcelona High Roller – Muhlocker Defeats Negreanu

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGiron

After another stunning European Poker Tour in Barcelona, the final event of the stop saw Thomas Muhlocker claim the €10,000 High Roller event after an incredible comeback against Daniel Negreanu when the pair of them had made it to heads up.

Muhlocker came into the day with the fourth largest chip stack but managed to turn that into the winning one, despite being a massive underdog by the time heads-up started.

He amazingly managed to double up three times to cripple Negreanu and then finish him off a few hands later. The first double up came when Negreanu had pocket fours and put his opponent all in, though Muhlocker had pocket aces. Next Negreanu again tried his luck with pocket fours to yet again run into a bigger pocket pair as his opponent had pocket nines.

Then Negreanu found another hand that he thought could finally finish off his opponent in the Ah-Qs, but again saw his opponent have the better hand in the Ac-Ks. He lost all three hands and was now crippled and lasted just a few more hands before being eliminated in second place.

Though obviously disappointed with his luck after building up such a massive advantage, he was more than happy with how he had played throughout the event, despite an early bust up that saw him blow his first buy-in.


After the event, Negreanu was then informed that the result was enough to push him right up the Global Poker Index rankings to have him currently classed as the best live poker tournament player in the world. He initially believed a good result would do him some good in the GPI Player of the Year race,but didn’t really think about the overall rankings.


This got his good friend and poker rival Jason Mercier, the man that was at the top of the rankings prior to this result was of course stoking the flames a little, by claiming he won’t be able to keep the top spot from him for too long.


The Final Standings

1st) Thomas Muhlocker – €390,700

2nd) Daniel Negreanu – €263,800

3rd) Jean-Noel Thorel – €181,500

4th) Joni Jouhkimainen – €148,000

5th) Jonathan Duhamel – €118,000

6th) Ole Schemion – €90,700

7th) Richard Yong – €66,000

8th) David Benefield – €47,850