EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 3 – Middleton Leads (vids)

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The intense action continued at the European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event yesterday as Day 3 brought back to the felt the 235 players that had so far survived the event from the 1,234 original entries. The day went about reducing that number further though as the players attempted to make it through the bubble and into the paying positions.

In fact 79 players progressed into Day 4, with each of them now in the money. The top 183 were paid out, which meant that there were actually 104 players that were eliminated throughout the day but at least got something for it.

Tom Middleton was the man that had the best day at the felt during Day 3 as he finished as the only player to break the 1 million chips marker. He sits with 1,030,000 and has a small lead over both Alejandro Perez Torres and Kevin Vandersmissen with 990,000 and 970,000 respectively.

There are some other names that might not be right at the top of the chip counts just yet but have progressed safely into Day 4. This includes Mike Watson, Dimitar Danchev, Christophe De Meulder, Kent Lundmark and Kimmo Kurko, though each will now have to step up their game if they want to progress even further.


Not everybody could be so lucky though, with many players falling before the bubble period was burst. Angel Guillan, Igor Kurganov and Jake Balsiger all fell into that category but the actual bubble boy was a player that was not even in attendance on Day 3. Nuno Da Camara did not attend and his stack was blinded down throughout the day and he eventually became the last player to be eliminated before the money. As usual, once the bubble period is finished, players become far looser due to knowing they have at least made some money. This encourages the shorter stacks to have a nothing to lose mentality, usually resulting in plenty of eliminations. Amongst them were Shannon Shorr, Marvin Rettenmaier, Kevin MacPhee and November Niner, David Benefield.



The Current Top Ten

1st) Thomas Middleton – 1,030,000

2nd) Alejandro Perez Torres – 990,000

3rd) Kevin Vandersmissen – 970,000

4th) Michel Pecheux  – 921,000

5th) Niall Farrell – 912,000

6th) Alejandro Belluccia – 871,000

7th) Miklos Zsuffa – 840,000

8th) Danny Covyn – 830,000

9th) Thomas Butzhammer – 827,000

10th) Andreas Christoforou – 825,000

Come back again tomorrow around the same time to find out which players have established themselves on the final table during Day 4.