EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table (vids)

European Poker Tour

We are back again with the next instalment of the videos that have been released by Pokerstars.tv of the European Poker Tour coverage in Barcelona not so long ago. We finished up the Super High Roller final table in the last two articles (which can be found here and here), leaving us with the start of the Main Event final table.

The Main Event in Barcelona became the largest EPT Main Event held in the city and almost became the largest Main Event of all time there, so you can imagine that the action was high octane and incredibly tense for the most part.

It brought out all of the stars that had been itching for some high class poker ever since the WSOP had finished in July. They didn’t go home disappointed either as the event really did produce some impressive performances, particularly from those that made the illustrious final table.

Here is what the chip counts were at the start of the final table:

Tom Middleton – 9,850,000

Kresten Nielsen – 7,300,000

Benoit Gury – 5,610,000

Luca Fiorini – 4,610,000

Pasi Sormunen – 3,070,000

Andreas Christoforou – 2,560,000

Kimmo Kurko – 2,265,000