EPT Bonus Cut Behind The Scenes (vid)

Dwan, Negreanu

The EPT Bonus Cut has a few hilarious characters. To give you a taste of the characters involved and the fun that players and PokerStars producers are having with the current Season 10, the EPT tour is coming into its next stage in Prague from the 8th December to 18th December 2013.

The EPT Prague will be the final EPT tour stop of 2013 before 2014 gets the cards in the air, with the massive PokerStars Caribbean Adventure back with the EPT in January. This will be running from the 5th January to 13th January 2014.

Take a look at the Jokers in the Deck with some of the blundering gaffs made in player interviews. A great feature that is only one minute in length showing the players acting as jokers, hence the title of the video!