EPT Grand Final High Roller – Silverman Scoops Title

Steven Silverman

Steven SilvermanOn the same day that Steve O’Dwyer claimed the EPT Grand Final Main Event, Scott Silverman claimed the High Roller title despite having to face a very difficult final table. He came into the day in third place overall but managed to catch the likes of Toby Lewis and Vanessa Selbst before taking home the title and €775,400 first place payout.


Chip Counts At The Start Of Play!

Vanessa Selbst – 1,607,000

Toby Lewis – 953,000

Steven Silverman – 752,000

Kyle Cheong – 742,000

Alex Bilokur – 722,000

Tony Gregg – 716,000

Igor Kurganov – 678,000

Victor Sbrissa – 444,000

Fady Kamar – 426,000

Davidi Kitai – 326,000

At the start of play it was Vanessa Selbst who was in easily the most comfortable position as she had a mountain of a chip stack in 1,607,000, compared to the stack of her closest rival Toby Lewis being 953,000.

There were 12 players in total that had to whittle down to a winner, with one of them actually being the winner of last year’s event. Igor Kurganov couldn’t quite match his display in this event last year. He was eliminated in 7th by Silverman when his Ad-10d was not good enough to beat out the Ac-Qs of his opponent.

By the time we had seen Chris Moore, Toby Lewis and Vanessa Selbst eliminated in 6 th, 5th and 4th respectively, we were down to our final three players. When it got to three handed the players eventually managed to strike a deal that meant each of them would be walking home with €760,000 each and would then just play it out for the remaining €15,000.

Of course they still all wanted to win massively due to the title at stake, and after Kamar was eliminated in third place we had the heads up places settled.

It would be between Silverman and Tony Gregg with the former starting out with the former having the slight lead. Just a few hands in and he had pulled that lead out even further which led to the final hand occurring.

It happened when the chips were pushed into the middle with Silverman holding the As-Js and Gregg the 2c-2h. When the flop fell as the 6h-5d-3h it was looking very good for Gregg who now had a pair and a gut shot straight draw.

However, the turn and river both fell as Jacks to hand Silverman the pot and of course the title and €15,000 left over.

How It Finished!

1st – Steven Silverman – €775,400

2nd – Anthony Gregg – €760,000

3rd – Fady Kamar – €760,000

4th – Vanessa Selbst – €290,300

5th – Toby Lewis – €232,400

6th – Chris Moore – €193,500

7th – Igor Kurganov – €154,700

8th – Victor Sbrissa – €116,100